Why you should attend

The content of this year’s LGC Investment & Pensions Summit will provide a wide variety of choice ensuring that different stakeholders within the LGPS can benefit from sessions specifically relevant to them.

Building on the interactive elements introduced last year, the world café round table discussion sessions will have additional moderators, and we are encouraging sponsor participation in these sessions to assist with the feedback. 

Attend the event to:

  • Gain clarity on the latest strategies on key investment areas
  • Understand the key challenges within pensions administration and how your organisation will be affected by ongoing developments
  • Share experiences with your colleagues in a collaborative environment and discover how they are handling the challenging circumstances
  • Improve your contacts with our fund manager sponsors and learn how they can meet your educational needs
  • Benefit from critical insight from prominent investment experts who’ll ensure you have the latest knowledge for your needs

You’ll notice a significant difference in the programme this year. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, the event will provide you with the freedom to choose which sessions you’d like to attend, thereby tailoring the event to meet your objectives.

The Summit is most beneficial to you if you're a member of one of the following four groups:

  1. LGPS pool representatives including:
    • The management team (Chief Executives, Chairs, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Responsible Investment Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Compliance and Risk Officers)
    • The investment team – from heads of the different asset classes, to investment officers and the investment analysts
    • The Client Relationship team (who manage the relationship with the pool members (underlying funds)
    • Non-executive Directors
  2. Local authority pension fund officers including:
    • Directors of Finance
    • Directors/Heads of Pensions
    • Pensions and Treasury Managers
    • Pensions Officers/Senior Accountants
  3. Local authority councillors and pensions board members including:
    • Chairs of the Pension Fund Committee
    • Vice-Chairs of the Pension Fund Committee
    • Members of the Pension Fund Committee
    • Employer representatives of the Pension Fund Committee
    • Trade Union reps of the Pension Fund Committee
    • Chairs of the Local Pension Board
    • Vice Chairs of the Local Pension Board
    • Members of the Local Pension Board
  4. Independent advisers

Take a look at what our 2018 attendees thought of the Summit last year:

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