2019 Sponsors


TEO a Unique Environmentally Clean Tech Oil Pioneer and Positive Impact Player aiming to transform the oil industry’s impact on the global environment

TEO acquires neglected conventional oil assets and employs scalable environmentally friendly clean technologies to produce high-grade light crude oil, with minimum carbon emissions, for use in  Agri farming/pharmaceuticals. 

Company Philosophy 

  • TEO aims to make strong sustainable stable risk-adjusted returns using only clean technology to keep any environmental impact to an absolute minimum 
  • Everything has a clean tech approach, with the same environmental philosophy, to substantially reduce carbon footprint and environmental impacts. This includes Ecosystem consciousness when retaining vendors and partners. 
  • TEO’s scalable strategy uses environmentally clean technologies to increase the recovery rate of  existing reservoirs and extending the life of existing wells whilst significantly  reducing the environmental impact. 
  • TEO is proven best in class for it’s ESG approach which focuses on non-toxic, energy efficient clean technologies to enhance production. TEO achieved a low of 21.1 gCO2/MJ in 2018 which is 64% below the threshold set by the Paris Accord and 62% lower than the more ambitious target of ‘Below 2 degrees. 

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