Founded in 1924, MFS serves institutional investors and consultants with nearly a century of expertise and capabilities spanning all major asset classes. To make that long-term value meaningful for clients, we work with them to align on our beliefs, their needs and the time it takes to deliver on their desired outcomes. MFS' approach to active management starts with this client alignment and is driven by:

Continuity: Time Is an Asset

We think, act and invest with a long-term perspective because we believe it’s the best way for us to create value for clients over time.

Collective Intelligence: Insight to Advantage

Driving robust research, diverse views and collaborative thinking through MFS Active IntelligenceTM, our investment platform, helps us make the best decisions for clients.

Risk Management: Seeing All Angles

Risk factors into every investment decision we make, because managing the downside is just as critical to outperforming as capturing the upside.

To learn more about our investment philosophy, please visit

MFS Investment Management

One Carter Lane, London EC4V 5ER

Contact: Madeline Forrester, Managing Director – UK Institutional

Phone: 020 7429 7412


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