IFM Investors


IFM Investors

IFM Investors is an investor-owned, global fund manager that manages US$79 billion (at 31 December 2017) on behalf of like-minded, long-term institutional investors.

We were established more than 20 years ago by profit-for-members Australian pension funds. Our ‘investor-owned’ structure aligns the interests of our owners and our investors, and allows us to focus on maximising investor returns.

Dedicated teams of professionals in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia manage a range of institutional strategies across Infrastructure, Debt Investments, Listed Equities and Private Equity.

We invest on behalf of like-minded institutions globally, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, endowments and foundations.

As a responsible investor, we enhance the savings of institutional investors and their beneficiaries, and contribute to communities – investing in businesses, providing credit, owning critical infrastructure and creating jobs.

We have eight offices: Melbourne, Sydney New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.


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